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Gary Keating
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United Kingdom
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A glimpse of Gary Keating, ActionCOACH success stories:


It’s now been 12 months since we started with Gary Keating from Action Coach. Our turnover has increased by 90%. Our average sale price has doubled. We doubled the size of our team. We have systemised more of the business. We are more efficient as a result. We have much better financial control over our business. We have increased predictability within our business. And of course increased profitability. And we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The financial return on investment has been incredible. It’s a no brainer.

If numbers are all you care about then you can stop reading now. Because if the numbers above haven’t convinced you, then I’m not sure what will. But for me personally, this testimonial to Gary as an Action Coach, goes far beyond just money.

From the start, he believed in the business and he believed in me. He believed more than I did. And don’t get me wrong, at the time we met him, the business was doing ok. We knew we were going to be successful but Gary wanted even more than what we thought would be possible. Like the stuff he was talking about just seemed insane at the time. Yet as time went on and we started to see the results, we quickly began to realise. It’s like an awakening of what’s truly possible with the right education and the right work ethic.

On a personal level, the education I have received has been extremely valuable. I know so much about how to actually run a business now and that education is applicable to business in general, not just mine.

Gary is one of the most influential people I have in my life and I owe him more than just the success of the business. 2017 has been without a doubt, the hardest year of my entire life. It’s been both mentally and emotionally exhausting but my one bastion of light was the business. My obsession with the business has allowed me to keep my head above the water. It was a method of escapism that allowed me to keep my sanity in tact. And you can’t put a price on that. Well actually you can, it’s £1200 a month.

But seriously, I don’t know where I’d be right now if I didn’t have the business and I don’t know where the business would be if we didn’t have Gary. Throughout the last 12 months he’s been there for me as a coach and as a close friend. He’s kept me focused, kept me strong and I can’t thank him enough for his support. I don’t even feel what I’ve written here does him full justice but hopefully it helps paints a picture. And I’ll leave you with my favourite Gary quote.’ I want you to have a life beyond your wildest dreams.’  We’re gonna make that a reality

Sunjay Singh, Director Life Media UK

Lite Tax

I have recommended him to a number of my clients. He has made a huge difference my bottom line, my time available and my approach to business. I am starting to see a way forward. Don’t get me wrong we had a good business in the first place and as a qualified accountant with an MBA the business was going well and I had the skills to cope with most circumstances . Involving my action coach has re-energised the business myself and my partner. We are out of the rut and going places. Thanks for your help. He has already paid for the first years coaching and we have only just started.

Increased margins, Looking at new clients and where they come from. Changing staff and my attitudes. Having a confidant who I can rely on to give sound business advice. Thanks from my clients who are using my action coach. Sales are  up 50% in the first 6 months of the year, some of this would no doubt have occurred organically but a lot of this is down to the action coach.

More fun, having a go at things (that usually work out well). Working harder (but also smarter). Getting rid of glass ceilings in life.

Paul Light, Director Lite Tax

Sparkle Cleaning

I have been working with Gary since February 2017.

When we started working together Sparkle Cleaning was billing £1276 and had one member of staff, this month Sparkle Cleaning has invoiced £10,622.19 on recurring contracts, this is a growth of 832% in 9 months with 6 staff on payroll. We have surpassed our end of year 2 goal within the first 2 months of our business year and are pushing for a £250,000 end of year 2 turnover.

I would not hesitate to recommend Gary to anyone who is serious about growing their business, his professionalism and knowledge is shared with great passion and he holds you accountable so you can’t not succeed with him.

Gareth Sanders, Director Sparkle Cleaning




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